New website –

Hi all,

Maybe some of you have already discovered that I opened a brand new page!

The site is partially still under construction but soon the page will be all filled up with my portfolio, blog, links to sns and mostly my band.
Yes, SAWAS PHOOL will be coming back!! Please go visit the page occasionally and be updated 🙂 And it would be great to have your support by sharing / spreading to your friends!
新サイトは未だ一部構築中の部分もありますが、ブログはもちろん、ポートフォリオ、sns各種へのリンク、バンドのページなど、今後少しずつ情報を詰めて行く予定です。そう、バンド…. この秋SAWAS PHOOLがアメリカ公演をきっかけに復活することになりました!! ライブ情報なども徐々に増えていくので、どうぞお楽しみに!!!

Thank you very much for following me on-line and real life, and thanks again for your visit and mostly to your continuous supports!

Sawa (Nadia) Kato
*P.S. Your comment is always very very welcome and appreciated 😉

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