★ Changing Shibuya – West Exit

Last Sunday, I went to Shibuya for rehearsal and found crowd of people right after I walked out the west exit. 先週の日曜日、渋谷にリハをしに行ってきました 🙂 すると西口を出てすぐ、バスターミナルの向かいにものすごい人だかりが。


Department store -Tokyu Plaza stands right in front of the bus terminal and many people were taking pictures. After the rehearsal, I found even bigger crowd – some even climbing up the fence to have a good view or for the photo shoots. 練習が終わるとさらに膨れ上がった人だかりが、できていて、フェンス?みたいなところに登ってベストポジションで写真を撮ろうとする人がいたり…


Tokyu Plaza was closed on March 22 2015. Not only this store, but HMV (AMX in the TWEWY game) no longer exist in RG. 東急プラザはこの日閉店しましたが、他にもすばせかのゲームの中では存在した HMV (AMX) も今じゃForever 21に変わりましたものね。なんだか、時間の流れを感じるわ〜 (笑)

Currently Shibuya station is on the process of renovation. I’m pretty sure that the map in TWEWY will be legendary scenery someday. 渋谷駅周辺は工事が進められているし、どんどん変貌していますよね。もしかしたら、ゲームの中のマップがある種貴重になることがあったりして ?!  (。ゝ∀・)b www

■I like this map!!


★ Changing Shibuya – West Exit」への1件のフィードバック

  1. Sua cidade é muito épica!
    Vários filmes/jogos/animes retratam batalhas incríveis em Tokyo!
    Mas na verdade, a única batalha que deve acontecer por aí é a batalha de personalidades. Várias formas de enxergar o mundo entrando em conflito.
    Pelo menos isso é o que um caipira do interior como eu pensa. HAhahaha




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