★Photo shooting

Had a awesome photo session today!! Together with wonderful photographer, Eiki Morisaki and make-up artist, KOTOMI.  I was very inspired by them and … I guess all and the best of myself today is pictured in photos. Wanna see the result? coming soon…. 😉

今日は渋谷某所で撮影してきました!すんばらしいフォトグラファー Eiki Morisaki さんとメークアップ アーティストのKOTOMIさんから、インスパイアされまくり!! めっちゃモティベートされました♪  過去最高?「今」の自分が最大限写し出された感▶︎▶︎▶︎ その結果は… 乞うご期待くださいませ 😉



ah~ it was so much fun!! And I learned how it’s important to write eye brow properly and beautifully. lol

あ~超楽しかった♪ そして、今日は眉毛を正しく美しく書く事の大切さを学びました(笑)

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  1. scrunchy sounds? lololol Thanks thanks!! that comment will save me from blushing 😉 haha
    I need to re-organize my blog. And up date my recent works on this page… (> u <*) hope that will increase visitors to this page. Happy holiday to you too Dave★




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