★ Beef with Gold

どうやら私のツボはやっぱり40s. そして、Edit Piafはなんと147cm. 華奢な身体から発せられる歌声の力強いこと‼︎ そして、金箔の飾られたお肉を食べながら… なんだか色々考えた夜でした。|ω・`)w
My all time favorite is 40s sound. I know this is quite old.

Edit Piaf’s height was only 147cm. How powerful her singing was!!

And a beef with a gold.

What a night!!

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  1. Wow, is that Kobe beef? It’s so beautifully marbled! And I agree that the 40s had some great music–personally, I’m a fan of both Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughan.




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