I went to Tokyo Game Show for the second time in my life! Last time was the year when The World Ends with You borne.


It wasn’t easy to find friends in that crowded place, but luckily we could!:D 何度かはぐれながらも、なんとか是員集合できたり!! (キャラ、ゲーム会社、錯綜… 笑)




On the first day! The Death March’s first album was sold OUT!! Thank you so much for loving the Death March and TWEWY for all these years!!!

午後早々に… 初日分完売という嬉しいニュース!!  感謝御礼!!!! 「明日TGSで買おうかな〜」って思ってる方、売り切れる可能性あるのでどうぞお早めにっ!


そしてゲームの垣根ぶっ越えagain. .. もうぐちゃぐちゃ(笑)) みんなまとめてだいすきだーーーーっ!ヽ(´∀`)ノwww

Yeah! No border!! No race!! All in all, I love you all!!! lol




I wonder if you can see it in the pic but… double rainbow!! Never seen such before in my life!! What a lucky day! 😀


Gonna start working on my band, SAWAS PHOOL’s first album recording from tomorrow.  明日からはSAWAS PHOOL のレコーディング後半準備の追い込み!! 頑張るぞ〜☆ I hope you find any favorite among the tracks! Cheers***


  1. Sawa san!!! Você teve um dia abençoado!!!
    E seus próximos dias serão tão bons quantos estes! Eu tenho certeza disso!

    Hun… Essas novas músicas… Eu simplesmente curti demais!!! É muito interessante a forma como o Ishimoto san consegue juntar tantos elementos de diferentes estilos musicais e criar músicas tão únicas!
    Juntando isso a sua poesia, e a seus vocais e os vocais da Stephanie temos um resultado incrível!
    Fiquei apaixonado po”Strange Days”, “Promise” and “TWEWY”.
    (Ah, e a música tema dos chefes em AGITO é muito maneira!)
    Desejo para você a melhor das sortes! Guenquide ne!


    • Thanks Tempest! I really appreciate this lucky chance that I got in my life and will keep my hard work 😀 AS you know, my music career started with this TWEWY project 7 years ago. 😉




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