★ SHOGI & The Blue Hearts

将棋と日本が誇る伝説的ロックバンド、The Blue Hearts。この2つを結びつけるものは何か… 語源を辿ると意外なところで結びつくことがあるから、文化ってやっぱり面白い。片方は歴史的、もう一方は昨今のポップカルチャー。どっちも私たちの生活の中に今もイキテルんだな〜 ってことで、最新の No Boarders No Race Episode 59 。SAWA-sensei の無茶っぷり?を是非ご堪能ください!! 😀

You know one of the Japanese legendary punk rock band ‘The Blue Hearts’? Here’s the latest episode with SAWA-sensei, talking about pop culture with the mixture of historic and traditional point of view. Introducing interesting Japanese board game SHOGI and how it influenced to todays’ J-pop culture with several interesting titles of manga comics, rock music. Better check it out on No Boarders No Race Episode 59!




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