★The Death March in the studio

Today was the last day of the studio rec of the coming up The Death March project. Lots of cool musicians got together!
今日はThe Death Marchのレコーディング最終日、ということで私も参加させていただきました。凄んごぃ人たちが集ってた!ヽ(・∀・)ノ
It was a great honor to be part of this project. Thanks to The Death March members, TWEWY fans and the Death March fans!! I can’t wait for its release!!! Be aware guys!!!!! 😉
参加させて頂けて大変光栄でございます。The Death Marchのメンバー、スバセカファンのみなさま、The Death Marchファンのみなさまに感謝でございます!リリースされるのが待ち遠しぅございます‼︎ どーぞ、お楽しみに‼︎‼︎

★The Death March in the studio」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Fiquei muito contente quando li este post!
    Eu quero que TWEWY se estenda e você e o Ishimoto san façam o máximo de músicas novas possível!
    \(=^x^=)/ { Yeaaaah!!! )

    You, [Ishimoto] san e a galera do [PMTMP]!!!
    E ouvi o som deles, são muito bons!

    Boa sorte nesse novo projeto!!!!

    Ps. A [Yui] da banda [Cyntia] não vai participar? Gostei dela, ela toca guitarra melhor que muitos caras de bandas grandes.


  2. As always, eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on this one.

    Hope you had fun, I think it’s been a while since the last one. Crossover Tribute was great.


    • Thanks for the comment rablazone! Yes, it’s been a while since the last time we met as the Death March members. and I’m looking forward for the more recordings coming up next month!! 😀




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