★文化 vs ドグマ- Culture versus Dogma

Active Resistance to Propaganda

The world suffers from three evils: Nationalism, which has taken the place of religion; Organized Lying; And non-stop distraction. The most pernicious of them is Non-stop distraction; the more you consume, the less you think.
世界は3つの悪に苦しめられている: ナショナリズム, 宗教に取って代わったもの; 組織的な嘘; 放心状態の進行。これらの中でも特に致命的なのは放心状態の進行; 消費すればするほど、考えなくなる流れ。

These three evils can be summed up in one word: PROPAGANDA.sawa_0803_AR

Culture is the antidote to Propaganda; by ‘culture’ is mean intellectual culture. Thinking involves doubt, all knowledge is uncertain: the Greek word for this is Scepticism. It is the underlying principle of their discoveries and of their civilized values. By this method Democritus put forward the atomic theory in C420 BC.
文化はプロパガンダの解毒剤だ; ここでいう「文化」とは知的文化のことを意味する。「考える」という行為には「疑い」も含まれる、確かな知識など存在しない:ギリシャ語でいうところの『懐疑論』。それは彼らの発見と、文明化された価値観の下に主材として存在する物だ。この方法により、紀元前420年にデモクリタス(ギリシャの哲学者)は原子論を世に展開した。

I would define culture as the cultivation of the individual. (This is very different from today’s cult of the individual – me, me me!)

Education is of prime importance. We can educate children as individuals or as citizens.

On first consideration, there seems to be no antithesis between the good individual and the good citizen. Surely the good individual is inclined to administer to the good of the whole which is made up of good individuals, but in practical daily life the education which results from regarding a child as an individual is very different from that which results from regarding him as a future citizen.

Citizens as concede by governments are persons who admire the status quo and are prepared to exert themselves for it preservation. Citizenship as an ideal is inadequate for it involves an absence of creativeness, and a willingness to acquiesce in the powers that be. This is contrary to what is characteristic of the greatest men, and tends if overemphasized to prevent ordinary men from attaining the greatness of which they are capable.

果たしてこの訳はあっているのでしょうか… 解釈間違ってたら教えて下さい、ネイティブさん方。私なりに遊びのわりには頑張って訳したつもり。(笑)- with respect – xxx


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  1. Nice new pic. But I must disagree with the gist of this post–I consider it perfectly possible to be both a dedicated citizen while becoming and remaining a creative individual. The real responsibility lies with that individual to differentiate between the two roles, to acknowledge their divergence while seeking harmony between them. The most dangerous impediment to this is the intellectual laziness mentioned in opening. . .Just my opinion, of course. Cute how you posit something designed to provoke the very intellectual stimulation you lament as absent (as the phrase goes: “I see what you did there. . .”). ;-p




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