★No Borders No Race: Episode 37 – Sawa-sensei 5

bostonbastardbrigade37◆Link◆ http://www.bostonbastardbrigade.com/2014/02/no-borders-no-race-episode-san-juu-nana/

Hello everyone〜♪ Sawa-senseiの時間だよ〜〜!! (笑) というわけで、今年も気まぐれにSawa-senseiやってます。ボストン発のPodcastに東京から乱入?いぇ、ちゃんとコーナーねじ込んでもらってご期待通り(?)真面目に語っています。日本文化について(全英語)。というか、知らなさすぎて全く語れないので、興味の向くままに調べてるいます。昨日のブログと同じノリだな。なんか、もし「気になるー!」ってなトピックがあったら是非教えてね。喜んで調べるわ!! 今年もSawa-sensei共々、どうぞよろしくお願い致します。

Hi there! It’s not Sawa, but Sawa-sensei today!! lol Yes, occasionally-suddenly-unexpectedly Sawa-sensei appears to this Podcast, lead by my friend King Baby Duck!! As you know, she’s very serious on learning… oops, … I mean teaching J-culture to the world! Well, to be frank with you all, she doesn’t know much about traditional culture. BUT, she loves to dig into whatever topic that attract her interest! So, if you had any of the “What’s that” “Why this” question related to J-something, feel free to throw in your question 🙂 She’ll be glad to hear from you!



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