★Jester on a Horse 2014

年末馬の絵が無性に描きたくていろいろ遊んでた。そのヒトツ。これは天才パブロ・ピカソさまが14歳の時に描いたという、Clown On A Horse の真似事(オマージュ)。普通に模写じゃつまらんので、日本人の男の子に変えてみました。(笑) あと貧相な絵を少しでも豪華に見せる為に少しだけ金沢で前に手に入れた金箔入りの和紙でカバー(爆) 原画が気になる方はリンクを見てみてね。(*´艸`*) ◆Link
I was painting a lot end of last year, and this is one of the pieces I played around with. Maybe some of you guys had seen something similar from the great art piece of well known great artist, Pablo Picasso. This is homage of ‘Clown On A Horse’ which he painted at the age of 14. Well… I changed the clown into Japanese boy, and added some Wash paper with the gold fragments just to make it seems to be something fancy ;P


I was amazed by the wise saying of the world famous writer, Paulo Coelho for all day today.
Here’s one of them.

Tudo que acontece uma vez poderá nunca mais acontecer, mas tudo o que acontece duas vezes, certamente acontecera uma terceira.(ポルトガル語)

Things that happened once might not happen again, but things that happened twice will happen again. (英語)


Yeah, I really do think so.

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