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11/18、Sir.ポール マッカートニーのライブに!! 未だ行った事が夢のようで、一緒に歌えた、同じ空間にいた、って事だけで鳥肌が立つっ!! 一人の人が動いていて、自分達に向かって日本語で話してくれて、本気で涙こらえたわ。生きていられてよかった。同じ空気吸えてよかった。小学生の頃にハマって、ランドセルしょってる間ビートルズしか聞かなかった。ラジオ体操行く前はアルバム「Please Please Me」を聞いてから公演に行くっていうルールを勝手に作っていた。(笑) 飲まず、休まず、3時間ほどのライブを歌い、踊りきる、Sir. は、めちゃくちゃかっこ良くてチャーミングで… もう筆舌に尽くし難い…… というか話し出したら止まらんっ!!!

Time flies! It’s already the last week of Nov?!

11/18… it became one of the most memorable night in my life. I went to see the concert of Sir. Paul Mc for the first time!! It really was a dream like 3 hours, I could sing together ?! I was breathing in and out the same air inside the Tokyo Dome?! It make me have a goosebumps!!! That was the first time (I guess) that I had to hold my tears not to come out, just by seeing a person on the stage and to see him move and talk and speaks to us – and he spoke quite a lot phrases in Japanese!!! When I was elementary school student, I only listened to the Beatles. And Paul Mc was the first guy I ever fell in love (as a fan of course!) 😛 I still remember…every summer morning during the vacation, before going to the park, I made a rule myself to listen to the album “Please Please Me” before leaving. lol For almost 3 hours, Sir. Paul didn’t take a rest and I didn’t see him drinking a water or anything. He kept standing on the stage, talking singing gently, shouting, dancing, playing bass, guitar, piano, electric organ (or synthesizer?)… how energetic he can be ?! He blew my mind and let me re-consider not to think about the age limit when you’re doing something challenging. He is 71 years old and it wasn’t a big deal at all. He told me, common sense or average number sometimes doesn’t really matters. What matters is where your energy is coming from and where and how you emit them out!! (Ah-, I can’t stop talking about this topic!! I can talk forever!!! lol)

IMG_6994そして、週末は我が妹ちゃんが何年かぶりに泊りに来たよ。なので、これまた何年かぶりにディズニーランドに行って参りました☆ 3姉妹なんだけど、今回は来られなかった末っ子が「耳」を貸してくれたので調子のってずっとくっつけてました。(笑)) 30周年行けてよかった〜♪

And last weekend, my sister came over to stay at my house after years, and we took this chance to spend a day in Tokyo Disney Land. (It’s been a while since I last went there…). They were celebrating the 30th Anni there, and because the smallest sister lend us this Mouse Ears, I put them on throughout the day! lol Hope to go there with all 3 WA-sisters the next time!!


今週の放送(B3 エピソード28) リンクはこちら
And here’s the link of this week’s B3 episode 28 ➡http://www.bostonbastardbrigade.com/podcast/NBNR/NBNR_28.mp3

-talking about-



Sawa-sensei had done her best to explain above 2 words. If you wanna know what that means check out the link above!


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  1. I was actually assigned to McCartney’s security detail when he played Memphis earlier this year. (Did I already tell you that?) Only got to meet him for a few moments, but he seemed like a really nice guy. And his regular crew was a blast!


    • Yes you did told me about that special job you’ve done(>▽<)/ No doubt he is a real good man, as well as his crews!! They seemed to be enjoying the stage a lot!!!! and so we did 😉




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