髭女_zizi_sawaLast thursday, SAWAS PHOOL had a show after 6 months absence at the Club Anga in Chiba. And that night was very special because… no, not only because LadyBeard showed up!
先週の木曜日、サワスフールは6ヶ月のブランクを経て久しぶりにライブをしました。千葉のクラブ・アンガってところで。それはそれはスペシャルな夜で… 髭女が来てくれたから、だけではありません!
IMG_6732 It became the first stage together with our new guitarist, Ryo!
IMG_6733 And on the same night, on the same stage, a super cool female rocker from Canada, Kieran Strange performed!She is really cool when she sings, and as a person she’s such a lovely person♥
She’ll be back in Japan in about half a month, and we promised to do the show together again next year!! Next time, we’ll be there with full member together!!
半年後にはまた来日予定だとかで、また一緒に来年ライブできるのが今から待ち遠しいです!! 次回はSAWAS PHOOLフルメンで参戦させていただきますよ!!
sawa*Thanks for joining our stage, Tom and Rashad!! And also thank you for everyone who made that night as wonderful as possible!! We LOVE CHIBA!!!




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