I’d been thinking these days …
Maybe the number 3, 7 & 27 is a magic number. Don’t ask me why. Because I just felt so.


最近は色んな事を考えながら過ごしてるんだけど、ふと数字の 3 と 7 と 27は魔法の数字かもしれないと思った。理由は聞かないで。ただなんとなくそう思うだけだから…(。-∀-。)

By the way, Happy Halloween!!


  1. And happy Samhain to you, too! All of the numbers you mentioned are magical. 27 especially, in that it is the product of 3 times 9. Many gods and goddesses of Western tradition are represented as having tri-form states, and old Celtic tradition ascribes a tri-form state to man, also: body, soul, and spirit. After Christianity’s arrival, it became: body, soul, and mind. (Before Christianity, the Celts considered mind but a manifestation of spirit, which was separate from soul. But Christianity fused spirit and soul together, isolating the mind.) And 9 is already 3×3, so what could be more magical than multiplying by 3 again? Ah, history from a Witch’s perspective. . .


  2. Thanks, Oyto! Personally, I believe that everything is linked–coincidence is just what we call it when we notice those links. . .(Hope you don’t mind me responding here, Sawa?)



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