Praticado com 合唱団!

みんな歌詞も暗記してくれて、最初はちょっとドキドキしながら… 後半は笑顔で元気に一緒に歌ってくれました!本当はもっとたくさんいるんですけど、中の数名とお母さんたちと通訳さんと。私のカタコトのスペイン語もなんとか通じてたみたいでちょっと安心♡
Went to the practice together with the chorus group this afternoon. These girls are only some of them together with their Mom’s and translator. I was worried if my weird Spanish was understandable, but this lovely chorus children nodded and told me they could understand what I said 🙂 Seeing their smile made me even more happy while we sing together!
そして、その後はインタビュー☆ スペイン語と日本語と英語が飛び交っておりました。
After singing practice we’ve been interviewed by…???. I could hear, Spanish, Japanese and English during this.


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