Quito 到着!

Almost 24 hours since we left Narita Apt.
When we all knew the plane had landed, everyone assumed that we reached to our destination, Quito… but in fact, we found ourselves at Guayakill for the additional oil — and after an hour stop the air- plant finally headed toward Quito.
Before leaving Huston, there was some kind of trouble with the wing and our land off was delayed-and now… Oil. After the performances at Quito we’ll be coming back to Guatakill, so…. I felt its a bit pity to leave here and come back again in few days.
スケジュール通りたったら今頃はキトのホテルで寝てたんじゃないのかな?(-∀- ) まぁ、しかし何もかも予定通りじゃつまらんですからね。でも、流石に20時間くらいずっと飛行機は飛行機好きな私でもちょっと飽きてきた…www
If we were traveling on schedule, we should have been lying on the hotel bed by now. But sometimes, unexpected things will make the trip even more interesting and memorable. However, I can’t deny how board I am after staying inside the plane for over 20 Hours.

もう朝ごはんなのか夜食なのかよくわかりませんが…これからご飯を頂いて、今日は合唱団の小学生?の皆さんと、一緒に歌う曲を練習してきます (´ー`)ノ

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    • どうやら事の真実は、「霧が濃くて着陸できず…旋回しているうちにガソリン切れになってしまい、急遽近くの(と言ってもそこまで近くはない…笑) グアヤキルで燃料補給した後再度チャレンジして、なんとか霧が薄くなったタイミングを見計らって着陸した」という事だったらしい… (。ゝ∀・)b – 昨日、大使公邸でのお夕食会で聞いたお話




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