Thank you JGMF! Zepp Tokyo!!

今夜はZepp Tokyoで行われたJapan Game Music Festival の Day 2nd. 我らが The Death March のボーカルの1人として私も歌わせてもらいました!
Today was the 2nd day of the JGMF at Zepp Tokyo in Odaiba. And as one of the vocalist of the band The Death March(from the game, The World Emds With You by SQEX), I sang couples of songs too!

おそらく始めてThe Death Marchを聴いたお客さんもいっぱいいたであろう会場には、色んな国からのお客さんも来ていて、改めて音楽に国境はないんだなぁと思いました。
There were many different performers from different game companies, and so was the audience. I’m sure there were people who heard the Death March for the 1st time, and some even came from overseas, but I guess tonight’s music event testified how music can unite us, just like that!

Thank you very very much to every one who came to this 1st JGMF from far and near, to all the organizers and staffs that lead this wonderful event into a great success, every each performers from different game companies and groups, and to all my respecting band members of The Death March!!!

本当にあっという間だったーーーっ(。>∀<。)♪ 音楽って、ライブって、やっぱ最高!!! I'll treasure every moment of tonight!!!
Music x Live x Love = The power is yet unknown!!!!!

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