Recordings (2日目)


Last Saturday was very windy & heavy raining night. And the staff and the vocalist of the Death March were gathering up at one studio.

声の印象、歌い方の印象… どれも本当にかっこよくて、

I wrote lyrics for those songs and also sang them as temporary vocal tracks. Each songs changed dramatically after the recordings of qualified real sound and different singers voices!!! Raw drum and cool base sound, nice guitar line added and the impression of songs changed with sexy female voices and expressions of each singers!! I can’t wait to have them heard by everyone!!!


I already wrote about this, but it was a great fun to be part of the sudden “UPSTREAM” from the studio!! Thank for joining us~♪

嵐の夜のミックス作業は朝まで続いてたとのこと… (嵐が激化する前に帰ってしまってすみませんでした f(;^_^  みなさま本当に、ほんとぉに!お疲れ様でした!!!

The mixing process continued until next morning (?! …’m not sure what time it finally finished because I left the studio before the weather gets worse and train stops). OTSUKARE SAMA DESHITA!!! (Cheers*** to the hard works to everyone at the studio!)

See you at the ライブ会場!! 渋谷(RG) DUO!!

<すばらしきこのせかい LIVE ~Crossover 2nd~>
@shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE
18:00 開場 / 19:00 開演
出演:The Death March【SAWA (vo)、Ritsu (vo)、YUI (Guitar, from Cyntia)、T$UYO$HI (Bass, from PTP)、ZAX(Drum, from PTP)、石元丈晴(Guitar)他】
前売 ¥4,500(税込) 当日¥5,000(税込)※ドリンク代 別途¥500
[問]DISK GARAGE 050-5533-0888

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