Xperimental Xperience

Thank you very much for coming out last Sunday!!! For the experimental stage, mixture of entertainment !!!!

It was a great pleasure meeting new and familiar faces and having fun time together!!

What each performers had done that bight was same as always – simply their own performance of their own ; so, none of SAWAS PHOOL members acted on stage, bit we did performed on stage as a band in its roll.

It was quite interesting experience for me, cuz through last Sunday, I recognized the importance of the roll play on the stage. I could feel it by watching others performing and also while myself singing on the stage. It’s true if you are a singer, singing is your main roll, but how you express and appeal your voice, figure, style and everything is depends on your heart while your on stage! I’ve been hearing about this from many SENPAI experts but I guess last Sunday was the first time I could chew this word and understand what it meant. 😉


There’s nothing to do with this picture. lol, But it is my energy source these days. A sandwich I’ve made with my Dad’s handmade smoked cheese and bacon. How could I not work harder than him?!!! Lololol

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