★ Karma の語源

It’s common that we, Japanese say, there are 3 primitive fountain. Originally, this though origins to the Yoga or Buddhism, and there are four – but in recent Japan, we merged the following 2nd and 4th. And the Yoga was originally one of the way to study Buddhism physically so… maybe we can say, in short, this idea came from Buddhism.

1.Food (食欲)
2.Sleep (睡眠欲)
3.Sex (性欲)
4.Self Prevention (自己)

In Yoga, above four is often called as fountain of “Karma”. And I guess this is the exact definition of the word,”Karma” that I used in the title of SAWAS PHOOL, “Karma Wave”.

I personally, would like to add music in my Karma concept. I always lack with my greed/passion/desire or what ever from above four. Is it only me that thinks we’re just balancing in several-or multiple categories which I always describe as Gray Zone. And the only thing that can fill the gap between those, is music for me.

sawa333 [333-MSKTS]



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