Cookie Monster Shoes!!

最近新しい靴を買って、昨日その写真を撮って、「クッキーモンスターシューズと名付けよう。Gimme some cookies!!!!」とかって、バカな事をつぶやいていたらお母さんから荷物が届いた。
Recently, I bought a new shoes and so I took its picture and posted yesterday together with some words, “I named this shoes a pare of Cookie Monster Ahoes. Gimme some cookies—!!!” Lol and guess what!? When I reached home I realized a package sent by my Mom!

She wrote, “I know this is a little to early for your b.d. present but hope you’re happy with a big piece of cookies…. It’s half size of my face!! ” That’s my mother!! She always knows what her daughter is need ( or just wanting… 😛 ) lololol

P.S. Last night I got sick for eating too much raw onions in the salad. Never happened to me before tho — watch out for the raw!!! |ω・`)

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    • うへへ。そう…。写真使いまわし。。。www というか、説明文(background)をブログで書いているかんじ…?www ありがとぅ★ 今日もはいてるよぉ~♪♪♪


    • ta! lololol comei todos no 2 dias 😛 desculpe Oyto~ (^^;) E, obrigada … eu comer comidas mais natural do que “JUNK FOOD” destes dias 😉 Eu tanto gosto de JUNK FOOD tho- lololol



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