ご存知のゲーム「すばらしきこのせかい」の海外版タイトルは The World Ends with You だから…今日はずっと「THE WORLD ENDS with “WHO”?!」とかって一人でブツブツ思いながら過ごしてました。(マヤ暦の噂の話ね)。うちの実家の風呂屋は再開するし、冬至だし…そんな今日、FBにあの忘れられない瞬間がアップされていた!! 「なにが?」って思ったあなたは、今すぐすばせかオフィシャルFacebookに行くべし!!! 聴くべしっ!!!!!  みなさん、最高の瞬間をありがとぉーーーーーーぅ! 来年のRGライブで、また会いましょう!!!

So, as the NASA answered to the interview nothing happened today on this earth. 😀 I was keep thinking like… THE WORLD ENDS WITH “WHO” ?! lol all day long today. And I just realized that the sound of unforgettable moment as a member of the Death March was posted on the official FB page of TWEWY!! At the end of this track you can hear the audience calling out “ARIGATOooo” (thanx). And I guess that was one of the most memorable part from our last show. IF you still haven’t heard this track better go check it a.s.a.p.!!! Hope you can feel the vive! Hope to see you and rock together in our future the Death March shows!!!

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