A secret place on the redhill

I went to dine with one of my old friend on the red hill. It’s not really a secret place, but this Japanese style bar (IZAKAYA) had moved into different building from the one I knew years ago. It was very cozy and nice place. Even for the person like me (who can’t drink at all) could enjoy nice meal and soft drinks with friendly bar keeper, staff and the costumers. 🙂 I met my friends who lives on the red hill after … 5-6 years. Some moved out, some came back, some had changed but they all were as nice as always.

It’s very nice to have a genuin friends like them. Smiles and laughters. I guess I could begin this week with a good kick start ☆ Hope you had a nice one too!! good night! ☆☆☆

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    • Sim, sim!! Agradecer bom relacionamentos com meus amigos.

      Á propósito, você sabe uma palavra japonêsa -bacana- ?
      Eu sabe que em portugês isso signifíca – maravilhoso – em portugês.
      Mas no japonês isso signifíca – hilariante-!! lololol

      Differencas dos linguas são muito interessante.


  1. LOL! Que coisa! Ah, mas em português, [bacana] também é usado para descrever uma pessoa descolada(Pessoa estilosa). Agora, se eu te contar a quantidade de palavras em japonês que também tem significado em português vou ficar escrevendo por muito tempo! Sério, são muitas! XD {Valeu Sawa!)




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