Velours ライブ

深夜のライブにも関わらず、来て下さったみなさんありがとうございました。m(_ _ )m

Venue : 赤坂Crawfish
(B1 Social Akasaka, 3-11-7 Akasaka Minato Tokyo)
時間:Open – 19:00/ Start – 20:00
チケット:¥2500(1 drink込み) + Sorcha and the Sinners のサイン入り CD
出演:JJVicars, Sawas Phool, Mana Hardcore, Sorcha and the Sinners

Thank you very much for coming and gathering up for the midnight live party at the Omotesando Velours last Friday. We’ll be doing ROCK stage this Friday so IF you still haven’t checked the ROCK SAWAS stage yet, you’d better check out!! It’s totally different from the acoustic ver. ;D

Thanks for the sharing videos and photos Jesters!!
Appreciate your support!

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