Do you know Rede Globo? ヘジ•グローボって知ってる?

Guess what There’s one another story to tell before showing how I look now! 😛

During the yesterday’s contest I was luckily interviewed together with the hair stylist whom worked on that crazy rocking blue mohi style☆


Rege Globo’s tv crew told me that it’s interview clip will be aired around the world very soon! (sorry… I don’t know when) I heard it’ll be aired in Japan too! Maybe Sky Perfect TV sister required? What ever, it was a great honor for me to be there as a model !

ヘジ•グローボってブラジルのTV局知ってる?ヨーロッパや日本でも見れるらしいょ(もしかしたらスカパーかなんかいるのかも⁈) モデルとして映れた事に大感謝。多分人生で最初で最後でしょう… 笑

Deep deep appreciation to whom introduced me this job opportunity and the hair- make up – dress stylist whom chose me to be her model yesterday.


Do you know Rede Globo? ヘジ•グローボって知ってる?」への10件のフィードバック

    • Hope your are there with whatever form of happiness too ☆ I start to enjoy my short hair! I use so less shampoo and no need to use hair dryer! 😛 it goes very well with this lazy girrr! Haha-♪


  1. Ah, que legal! A rede Globo é o canal de Tv mais importante do Brasil, parabéns! Você está indo cada vez mais longe, hein garota? ^ ^


    • Haha! Thank you Jay!! Well, I was a bit awkward what to do with this short hair last week, but now I kinda getting used to this “easy hair care” style. Well… actually I’m not really taking care tho- lololol



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