Arigato – My B.D.

世界のどこかは常に朝だったり夜だったり… 実は今もアメリカ方面から届いてる。(笑

Thank you very much for the B.D message yesterday (and still now) everyone!!!
I never had my phone ringing (or vibrating in the silent mode) all day like yesterday  and today!!
There is a morning area of this earth every time, even now, and that’s why I’m still receiving messages from the North American areas.
They told me that it’s still 15th Feb in L.A. or Georgia, N.Y. or V.A. or Canada…or…. ?
And this reminded me a one poet written by Shuntaro Tanikawa, which I read during the class when I was in Jr. High School.


Evey year around this time, I think…
・Thanks to my Dad and my Mom for giving me a birth.
・I’m very happy that I could live until today.
・I’m very very happy to know all my friends and familes around the world in my this life.
・When I was a kindergarden kid, my friends used to laugh at me saying, “It’s impossible to have friends from all around the world”. Hey, it’s my turn to laugh at!

…イマジネーション&未来を否定するな!!! 笑笑笑

It’s true, there wasn’t a thing something simlar to Internet / mobile tools like today when I was 5 or 6 year old.
And maybe it was hard to imagine how it can be happen for kindergarten kids, but I’d like to say this in LOUD.
DON’T DENY YOUR IMAGINATION and FUTURE SO EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

本当は一人ずつに、全員に、お礼のメッセージが書きたいのだけれど週末に時間が取れたらそうさせてもらいたいと思いますm(_ _ )m
ごめん。その分、曲つくるのと、ライブの準備頑張るから!!! 誕生日だったから!!!!! 許してね 😛

I wish if I could write thank you messages to every each comments and messages I’m receiving since yesterday, but I really can’t make time for that… sorry.
Insted, I can spend more time on song writing and preparing for next SAWAS PHOOL’s live. 😉

Thank you for being my frind & I love you all,

Arigato – My B.D.」への3件のフィードバック

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!!!
    I couldn’t be with you in Japan but my heart went to you. and came back. lol



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