my favorite ring – 指輪

This is my favorite ring.

Somehow I lost it today at the office, and had no idea where I left or dropped.

I even thought about looking inside the garbage … but the cleaner had already taken away the old garbages away and the box was empty 😦
I was about to give up … but then my coworker advised me to go check the lost-and-found desk in the different floor.
会社中探しまわっても見当たらないから、最後ゴミ箱の中もあさろうかとさえ思った時同僚のお姉さんに相談したら… 「落とし物預かるところに行って聞いてみたら?」って。

So I did.

And there I found!!! The lady told me that it was on the floor right in front of the elevator. How could I drop my ring in such place? Many unexpected thing happens around the clumsy people. like me.
(特に私みたいにドジだと… x_x;)

Anyway, I was very happy that I could find my favorite ring in few hours and thank to the environment and people working around me. Thank you everyone!!
結局数時間で落とし物は見つかり、今のこの環境とこの会社で働いてる身の回りの人達に感謝した1日でした。このドジ者を救ってくれてありがとう。みなさん (;_;) 謝謝!

my favorite ring – 指輪」への3件のフィードバック

  1. It’s a gorgeous ring, and I’m happy you found it! Is it a rose(?), because I know you love them. I have something of a large, extended family, so I occasionally give my ring over to someone so that they can identify themselves to other members of my family as someone I know and trust. So far, it’s always come back.




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