Japanese lyrics writing 日本語での作詞

I wrote lyrics in Japanese as part of my work today.  And there was a them given for this (‘caus it’s a work ;)). A song that can encourage the people who’s trying to go over the difficulties (ex). earthquake/tsunami disaster in Tohoku) with a strong and positive wish.  I was thinking about this during whole winter vacation. Keep it up, Hang in there, aim high… none of these words didn’t fit in my mind.  I, myself didn’t lose my house, family or even felt the shake because I was in HK that day, but last year I lost one of my very important friend without realizing a promise I made with him.  He left 4 days before my arrival to his town. I knew this is not the only feeling people in Tohoku are still holding and trying to cope with, but I though the feeling of loss, especially the loss of the precious live is something very hard to accept and most of the time it takes time.

While I watch news on TV today, there was many chances to hear the new adults telling how they are feeling toward future, and what are their goal in the future because today was coming-of-age ceremony day in Japan.  This expression might be not correct way to say but, I was a little relieved to know many of them were saying, “I lost my best friend by the cause of tsunami, but I want to live my life in full together with her because she’s living in my heart”.

IF I was them, I guess I don’t want to hear a song with “Keep it up!” kind of cheering words anymore because there are many already, but something sympathetic. So I wrote. I don’t know if my lyrics will be selected by the music company and some J-Pop artist wanna sing or not.

Or maybe…. I wrote this lyrics just because I was wanting a song such.

love, peace, sympathy to you all -x

Japanese lyrics writing 日本語での作詞」への2件のフィードバック

  1. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to Osaka in time. I know how much doing so meant to you. But reflect upon the joy you brought him by the friendship y’all shared. And just maybe that song was meant for you, anyway. . .


  2. When you start to think about something important for you, you can’t stop thinking about that. So if you tried to do or write(in your case) completely opposite things what you are feeling now, that’s so difficult. Even if you have to do that for your job, still difficult.




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