My little friend, ベニキノコビト

Yap. I changed the layout of this blog! And this is all about the day before yesterday!!
(I can’t believe it’s already past 4 am of Sunday!!!)
My dear friend Eimee gave me a cool little buddy and so I was bringing it back home, and before I reached my house I was caught by my friend and had a dinner together with them.
しんぷるいずべすと!!! 少し前に友達がかわいいヘンなヤツをプレゼントしてくれたので家に帰る途中、近所の友達にご飯を誘われたので一緒に参加してきました☆

So here adorable little man is named, Beni-Kino-kobito (Red-mushroom-man).

As you can see, he’s got red head as read as tomato.

We ate cheezy Yakitori (Chicken BBQ), but the stick on the Yakitori was a bit too long for him to eat… sorry man.

After eating chicken guts, he took a little rest on the plate. So I kept him a good eyes, not to let the waiter to take him away with other left over plates.

Since he seemed to be bored…

My friend Osato told him how to dangle from the window knob and told him how to get the cool angle like a Hollywood stars.

My bad friend Zizi told him how to smoke.

And we also played with hide and seek, but I guess this red-mushroom-man didn’t know how glasses are transparent. lol

It was very fun to play with but…. in the end, he decided to take a nap in Zizi’s cigarette box. He seems to be happy and cozy in there!
Thanks for being my new friend Beny~ (Red-mushroom-man)!! Hope to play with you soon again -x
(一緒に遊べて楽しかったよ、ベニー!! また近いうちに一緒に遊ぼうね!)

↑This is when we played hide and seek!! :) (かくれんぼ中のベニー)

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  1. いまだに、小人が夜中にいたずらしてまわっていると信じている(笑)



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