Movie about bath … テルマエ・ロマエ 映画化決定!!

This is one of my most favorite comic book!!
It’s about the public bath … (as you know – or not – my family’s business is Sento (Public Bath) for over 125 years!!!).
This comic book compares Japanese Sento culture with Roman public bath history together with many jokes!! Currently, Japanese Sento (Public Bath) is at the crisis… it’s about to distinct from Japanese culture because many people have bath at their own homes and because of this economical situation. 😦
My dad is having hard time to maintain this family business too. I really hope this great long lasting culture of Japan will survive in 21st century.

テルマエ・ロマエ。日本の銭湯とローマ風呂を比較しつつ、ギャグ挟みつつ…笑えて学べるステキな本です!! 全巻持ってます!!!∑d(≧▽≦*) これが、2012年に映画化が決定したそうです!
主演、阿部寛さん、上戸彩さん。絶対見に行きます!!! 何を隠そう(いや、隠す気ゼロ)私の実家は125年以上続く銭湯なんです。21世紀に入って、日本の銭湯文化は衰退の危機(>_


Movie about bath … テルマエ・ロマエ 映画化決定!!」への4件のフィードバック

  1. ほほ〜!
    I knew that your father ran the public bath
    but I didn’t know that it continued more than 125 years!!
    The movie seems to be interesting, too!


    • Yeah indeed! I’d been always thinking about how long can this family business can last (>_<) you know, these years… MANY public baths are closing its doors… 😦



  2. I remember you telling me before about the business, I guess it would be hard to keep with the economy now. Are there many bathhouses still in business now or they all becoming extinct (going away)?


    • thanks for remembering about what I talked with you before. Yes… many of them are closing and simply and dramatically, the number of Sento is going down in these few years. There still are many hot springs, but Sento is a little different… 😦 I hope the one that my Dad owns can last until the very last bathhouse in Japan. ☆彡     (-人-;)



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