why and how…

First of all, please accept my apologize for wiring something unlike me on my last post.
I had tendency to keep any kinds of anger inside of myself and keep it until it starts to get rotten and endure any kind of pain until finally start melting and changed into something. But this time, it was way far beyond my capacity and I couldn’t resist, no more energy to refrain from vomiting that ugly words out. There was no intention to make any of the readers to worry me. I just couldn’t … and it’s my small capacity that let me do things like this. Please forgive.

Let me explain why and how…

Say… there was a guy A who had contract with one particular brand, X. And maybe he was a member of a fashion show model group and he was the only member who had contract between that brand, X. Which means, he was told not to wear any other shoes but the X branded shoes. But on the coming important show event, he had to wear the brand Y shoes and all the members were worrying if they couldn’t be there as a group because of this A’s contract between X. So about a month before, they asked to A if it’s negotiable with the brand X to let us take part in the coming event with the brand Y. A said, “Yea, I can talk to the person in brand X and I’m sure I can cope with this problem. So, don’t worry and lets be part of this important event!”. So this group decided to take part in this event.

They went out for the meeting 2 days before this important event. During the meeting suddenly A started to talk about his engagement with the brand A and asked to the event organizer if it’s okay not to wear the brand Y shoes. Every member could see the distressed face of the organizer and A’s negotiation with organizer continued for few minutes. By the end, he said “I’ll try to talk to my contracted brand A and try to negotiate but I guess the possibility is half-by-half”. All the model members were astonished with what he said because the show wasn’t able to be delivered with out him! It was a group show performance, and there was only 2 nights before the important event! It seems to be very difficult to find alternative or figure out the way to overcome the problem if A couldn’t success in negotiation with the brand X!

While they walked back to the near by station, one of the member asked to A;
“I thought you were already talking to the brand X about this important show event. What were you doing during last 1 month?”
A replied;
“This is normal. I always negotiate at the very last moment.”
The other member asked;
“What if you couldn’t get the OK from the brand X to wear the other brand for this show event?”
A answered;
“Maybe we all can’t be on stage for this event.”
The other said;
“Then, how would you apologize to the fans and our friends who’s looking forward to be at this event and watch our group performance on the stage? They all had fixed their work schedule or school schedules to come down to see our show!”
“I don’ have a word to say to them.”
All the members except for A was astonished to hear A’s answer.

Then suddenly, A asked in irritating voice;
“What would you do if you guys know that I couldn’t be on stage because of this brand X’s contract”
One of the member replied;
“If we knew about it a week or two earlier, maybe we could think about some ways to solve this problem together. If we knew about this at the very beginning, I guess we weren’t singing up the paper to take part in this event. But now, you are telling us this unsolved problem 2 nights before the event. I have completely no idea what to do! I’m not even sure if we can find someone to substitute your place. We can’t cancel our show!!! There are over 50 people looking forward to see us on the stage this weekend! Or do you think it’s normal to suddenly cancel their excitement and members energy for all the preparations we’ve done until today just because of your mislead? And you don’t have a single word to apologize? Do you really think it’s normal to cancel the show because you didn’t talk to brand X earlier?”
“I think what I’m doing is rightful. Btw, did you just said you were thinking about the sub? Are you saying that this show can be delivered without me? Can be anyone??”
… And A got very furious and went back to home alone.

A day before, A was planning to go to one of the member’s friends party.
But after responding his going … 7 hours later he said he can’t make it because the place he was working that day was a different area and it was too far for him to come back before the party ends.
So that member apologized to his friend instead of A few hours before the party.

Two days before, A was planning to go watch the concert together with the other member.
So, that member asked to his friend and his friend sent him a 2 guest tickets for A. But during the concert A sent and e-mail to him saying;
“I just finished the other schedule and I’m at the station Y. Do you think I can make it before the concert ends?”
So, the member replied;
“I guess by the time you arrived the venue, the concerts might be finished.”
Then A said;
“OK. Then I’m heading home.”
So, after the performance he apologized to his friend performer instead of A and thank them for sending him 2 invitation ticket.

How can A do things like this continuously?
Why A can ignore the feeling of others? And even fans and friends of the members and the group?
A said, it’s because he has got professional mind.
Is that true?!
Nothing was his fault on the preparation and promises including the problem with the sponsor of the event and his own contract between himself and the brand X?
If he can’t take good care of himself and around, were is his manager or whomever to take care of everything around him?

I personally couldn’t forgive the part that he ignored the feeling of the fans and friends looking forward and trying to support this group’s success. I understand how important the contract between A’s brand can be, but then why he didn’t prepare earlier to avoid this problem? There were enough time to think the way to prevent this problem to happen. I e-mailed him after the talk on the street about the reason why I came up with the idea of sub because I received a message from him. But he never could understand the reason why the group was trying not to cancel the show 2 nights before the event? Why he never accept or understand what was the problem then??

Anyway, thanks to the nice and cool performer friends, this members could luckily find substitute for the both Sat and Sun shows. They went into the studio after the Saturday’s show together with new meeting performer from 1:00 am – and stayed in studio together as long as they can and could deliver the best stage that they could.

Thanks for reading this long blog till the end. This is the END of this story. I’ll never talk about this again.
Thank you very much for your understanding and generosity.
And also thank you very much for those who came and rock together with us that night.
And those who sent us your spirit from far and near. Rockin’ comments really are empowering us before the stage!!

Let’s move rock on to the next…

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  1. He was a thoughtless, unappreciative cad. I’m so glad y’all were able to continue with the show with a substitute. And you don’t have to apologize for writing what you feel–it is, after all, your blog. Personally, I was just worried about you, having never seen you so assertive before in your postings. I’m glad it worked out, and hope to hear much more music from y’all! Also, I hope everyone’s ok after that latest quake. Take care, Dave

    PS–we’re your fans, Sawa–we’ve got your back!


    • Thanks Dave. Well… yeah, I don’t really care what he treasure and what kind of life awaits in his future, but I just couldn’t keep watching him treating my friends in disrespectful way. I’m glad that we could get rid of him last weekend. Thanks for your back up and caring. arigato!
      – Sawa


  2. Sawa-san, like Dave said above, this is your blog, the purpose of it is to express your feelings. You NEVER have to apologize for your feelings, it’s what make you who you are.

    That member is clearly in the wrong and very rude and insensitive, personally, I would have thrown him out immediately. This is your band, your name is the first thing people see when they hear or see Sawas Phool. You have come so far since a couple years ago and I am very proud of you. Your dedication to your fans is what keeps then close to you, always. You can definitely find someone much better (anyone can be replaced) to help you keep that integrity that you hold so close to your heart.

    We’re here for you my friend =)

    – Tempest –


    • Thank you Tempest. With out a support like this, I could never be brave enough to say or express my feelings like this. It’s hard to believe how time flies… and how our friendship can continue like this, ne? You guys gave me this reason to stand strong and to be myself. Thanks for being my friend. – Sawa


  3. I figured there was probably a pretty severe incident behind this. I’ve never hear you talk, or write, like that! But yeah, this is your space, so by all means, let your feeling out!!


    • Thanks Joe. I think I always had a problem expressing my anger, I’m learning something everyday. 🙂 I really appreciate my friends, teaching me so many things by sharing their thoughts and experiences and also supporting me by hearing my grumbles sometimes. I treasure my friends. Friendship and love. I can’t live without this!!




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