Getting crrrrazier…

I didn’t know how much a person can change so much in their one single shot of their life time!
Can you believe I was a coward, and so much far from the word ‘brave’ or ‘out going’ type of a girl when I was a child?
一度きりの人生で、人は変われるもんなんですね。(笑)) 今更なんで?って思いつつも、なんか今日はそんな事をふと思いました。

I cared so much about little things such as… drawing a perfect square with rulers and needed to keep everything tidy in the right place in my room. Never went to bed without brushing teeth. Cared too much about tiny scratches while I play out side. I could never talk to stranger, or new meeting friends until they come up and talked to me.

However, one day (I guess around my age of 7 or 8) I thought all the above things are trifle thing to care and there are a lot more thing to explore for new excitements around the world! And my days slowly started to change. I could never imaging myself singing in front of people, and getting crazy and have loads of funs like this today!! If I couldn’t meet good friends and teachers in my life, I could never become myself today.
でもある日、7〜8歳のころかな…なんかそういうの全部人生を損してる気がして変わる事を決意。知らない子にも自分から話しかけて友達になったり、ちょっとずつ変化していった。でも、まさか人前で歌うようになるなんて想像だにしていなかった。クレイジーになって大声を上げたりして、一緒に騒いで…こんな楽しみもあるなんて当時の私のままだったら知る由もなかったろうに。たくさんの友達に会えて、いろんなことを教えてくれた良い何人かの先生や大人にも出会えて、本当に私は幸せ者です。Lukcy me!

Thank you so much for being my friend, guys.
I love you—-!!!
私の友達になってくれたみんなに感謝!大好きだよ—!!!  ♪\(*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚

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  1. Think of all the people you would have missed out on knowing & meeting and all the wonderful things that life can share with you if you were still that scared little girl! I’m happy for you that you can finally experience all things. After all, I would have missed out on knowing such a cool person like you if you were still hiding! =)


    • During that hiding period of mine (does this expression make sense ?_?) I guess I was observing this human world with the eye and soul of a child. yes… I was a tiny little kid with tiny little heart!! lol However, I was very lucky to meet good friends and people to open up my world ! And the more I live, the more I like people… it’s very weird but I am learning so much from my friends, even the way how to love and take good care of myself!!

      To tell you the truth, there still are quite many things that I’m afraid of … such as money monster and dark monster… lol money monster is something I always trying to stay away from. Because I know they’ve got quite too much power to control human’s heart and brain sometimes…. and the darkness. I’m getting used to the dark and I’m okay to sleep without the night lights these years, but sometimes I suddenly gets afraid of the dark. 😛


      • Still afraid of the dark? heh, it’s ok, one fear at a time to overcome =)

        But it’s really good that you can learn from the so many different lives of people that you meet, those that influence you and those that have been influenced by you!

        Have an awesome weekend Sawa! =)



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