nice weekend :) 青山祭り

Thanks for rockin’ up the Gamuso together last Saturday!!
It was wonderful night!!! with the cool audience getting wild and noisy as the show goes on and … skateboards on the walls! ;D

最高に楽しかったよっ!ありがとう!! ステージからは踊り、叫んでくれた最高のオーディエンス…そして、壁に飾られたクールなスケボーが印象的な一夜でした。ヽ(´▽`)/ thanks for the awesome night, guys!!!


And today I went to an event named, XChange together with my friend☆ It was part of the Aoyama Festival. People bring up and exchange their used clothes with each other.


It was a nice event to see the new owner’s smiles with the clothes I brought … ‘cause each clothes has history and memories. 😉


I brought 10 clothes and came back home with 5 new clothes! The words, “I’ll treasure your clothes, thank you” came out very naturally because I could know the last owners faces and how they owned and where they got it and some little stories along with the clothes they brought. Our daily life is filled with good things to eat and wear, and because of this too good environment, we are apt to forget how we should be thankful to all these things that surround our daily lives. And I’m also glad that my closes is cleared up and got ready to hang bulky jackets for winter. 😀


I was very lucky to have chance to talk with the originator’s friend (and got the jacket she brought today), and heard the story how this event got this big as it is today!


I also watched the real monkey showman for the first time in my life. Their performance was just so perfect!!!


Thanks for inviting me to this great event! ‘d love to join next year again♪

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