new century…

He was found inside the drain, by the RATS which he used to call.

And died.

this news gave me an impression like this.

Another fragments from 20th Century had fell apart.

And I wonder… how will the 21st Century will be like?

Hope to have better future with you…




20世紀と同じ過ちは繰り返しませんように。 (-人-)

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alice. Yeah, it depends on the country and the back grounds that each people had in their past and history. I simply hope, my friends won’t have to fight against each other because of the diplomatic reason or some kind of mislead caused by the huge power that governments has. I really do hope so.


  1. Sawa, the sad truth is that people make the same mistakes over and over. Otherwise, history itself wouldn’t exist–we’d have long ago outgrown a need for it. I believe that most human actions are inspired by either love or greed [ignoring the concept of greed as an exaggeration of self-love], so that the human psyche is always at war with itself. We will continue to murder, oppress, and demonize, even as we continue to protect, nurture, and love. The important question is always: “What will I do as an individual?”


    • >The important question is always: “What will I do as an individual?”
      I believe in this phrase, Dave. I know there were several (or even more!) people who made actions according to their own will even during the crazy war period, and many of them are not written in our history books. It is very difficult to keep the good balance between love and greed, and people such as Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Mandela… had put great corner stones in the 20th century and led us until today. How will the 21st. C be like? What will I do as an individual?? Thanks for sharing your thought Dave.

      “I can combine the greatest love with the greatest opposition to wrong.” – Gandhi



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