Gram – Lyrics + 訳

リクエストを頂いたので、SAWAS PHOOLの歌詞をご紹介します!
Thanks for the request! I’d like to introduce one of SAWAS PHOOL’s lyrics.
I’d be happy to answer to you request (as long as it’s possible) so, please do not hesitate to send us requests if you have any!!


My mind is here but not to think some kind of logic
My hands are still waiting my brain to send an instruction
Why am I here? Why is it so dark?
Why are you scared? What can’t you move?
I’m left again in the feeling of the Dexter texture that slides away

My eyes are wide open but can’t catch a single sonic
My ears are still waiting to hear the sound of destruction
Why should I wait? Why it’s so cold?
Why are you scared? Why can’t you move?
I’m all alone in this empty space, too spacious, and I feel so small…

“How much does your heart weight?”
Someone whispered in my ear

In the sent of freesia…

I hear those tambourines
Ringing like my cell phone
In between this mess, can’t confess what you’ve done to me…
Enough of this!
My headache is killing me
I’m tired of this.
I don’t need a gun, I love you, my new favorite enemy…

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