Accetp x Understand

I think, to “accept” and to “understand” is different things.

If you can ‘try to know’ and have a closer look at the different idea or a subject… even if you can’t accept the idea/subject, you can have better understanding of others. Maybe you might find something new to yourself even if you couldn’t accept the whole idea it’s self! But what if you just simply decline or ignore at the first glance? You’ll never know where you stand, or the pond where you swim around is just a portion of the water comapred to the ocean. I understand that there are some cases, such as the time of the period you want to concentrate on one single subject and focus on it. But I think it’s better to have you noticed that narrow minds are apt to lead you to a narrow world! And with this single notice, your view toward the world can expand dramatically!!
I’m just writing this to clear out what ‘ve got in my mind.

And to those who is reading this, please remember:
It’s not your mama, your wife, your papa or boyfriend who can make the best desidion for you. They are just giving you the best advice that they can… and It’s always you, who can chose the best way for yourself!

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  1. Interesting post Sawa, makes me wonder what did you experience recently that made you write this. I hope all is well! Cute picture too =)


    • Yes, dear. Things are being quite nice here! Thanks!! 🙂

      It’s just one of the things that I’ve been bearing in my mind for a while… and you know, sometimes writing down as a sentence helps me to have better understandings on what I really was thinking. I’m always brain storming.. or maybe I should say, my brain is always in the middle of the storm!!!!? 😛



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