Got something cool from my friend today.
It’s a concentrated ginger syrup together with honey and a little bit of lemon.

I used not to care much about my health.
But now … I got quite many friends that really cares about me.

Some one said, you can’t love someone as long as you can’t live yourself. But look. It seems like I’m learning how to love myself, or to take care of myself, in opposite way.

I’ll take good care of myself because I don’t want to let my love friends to worry or make them sad because of me being desperate.

It’s really nice to have good friends like this.

I’m glad I’m alive until my age today.
And most of all, it’s all simply because of you. My dear friends and fans. Thanks for giving me chances to sing like today.

There are tough moments in our life sometimes, bug please dong give up your hope. I’ll always be with you. So let me know if you need any help. I’ll do my best to support you, even though I know there are very few that I can do other thank singing.

What am I writing today?
Maybe because I’m writing thus from my iPhone??
Anyway, I’m not drunk. It’s just a glass of ginger-ail that I’m taking 😉



  1. “Anyway, I’m not drunk.” And I just can’t stop laughing. . .besides, I bet you’re one of those happy drunks. The more I drink, the quieter I get. . .


    • hahahahahaヾ(@°▽°@)ノ You know I can’t take alcohols… I’m allergic to it!!!
      (I know this sounds a little too healthy as a rocker. :P)
      I tried to drink for several times in the past, and I always ended up by just becoming sick.
      Never got drunk. 😦 How does it feel like being drunk? Looks like their having fun tho-


    • 生姜湯?
      ほとんど絞った生姜の液体なので、飲んだそばからお腹がポッポとあたたかくなってきて美味しいです♪ あと、喉に効く!! これから冬にかけてもかなりオキニになりそうなボトルです!!(。・`ω・)b



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