Ladies Lounge tonight!

Since last week I caught cold… and this weekend my voice became horrible. Though, I’m together with you guys!! Look how colorful my wrist band looks like!

Australia, America, Japan, Canada…
The color can’t show enough and these rubber bands are only few that shows how we all connect and caring about each other despite the differences of time, distance, religion, gender, generation… etc.

Thanks for sharing me your energy like this.
I really can feel strong when I can feel you close.
I hope I can be the same to you.


Ladies Lounge tonight!」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Guess what Dave! Miracle had happened last night!! I was about to lose my voice (because I caught cold few days ago), and my voice was very unstable and husky… I couldn’t control my voice at all until 3 hours before the stage. and In the last few minutes, while we were in the rehearsal studio, suddenly my voice came back gradually. By the time I had my stage around 9 PM, my voice was almost completely back!!! Thanks for the rubber bracelets and good wishes. I must thank you too for wishing me luck and fortune like this. Thank you very very much Dave. All I want is your continuing support (and wishes) 😉



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