Tomato & 砂糖


Zizi told me that it’ll taste better if I eat tomato together with sugar… But I guess I like simply tomato with nothing on it OR together with a little bit of salt 😛


SAWAS PHOOL は19:20からです☆ 

Tomorrow night, we’ll having a live at Shibuya! This is going to be our second live together with our new member HAL and Tsune ☆ our stage will start around 19:20! Come drop by !!!

■Date : 8/25(THU)
■Place : 渋谷 Take OFF 7 TakeOFF7: 地図リンク→ (<a href=""
■Address : 東京都渋谷区宇田川町32-12アソルティ渋谷B1F
■Ticket: Adv ¥1,800 (Door ¥2,000) +1Drink
■Time Table
OPEN: 17:30
18:00-18:30 Play lee
18:40-19:10 CREA
19:20-19:50 SAWAS PHOOL
20:00-20:30 Outsidedandy
20:40-21:20 ヤジルシ

Looking forward to be seeing you guys soon!

Tomato & 砂糖」への4件のフィードバック

  1. oh wow you have new members? cool! I can recommend tomato slices on toast with salt and pepper, make sure to butter toast! i made this for my friend and she is addicted haha! it’s my favorite anytime snack!…


    • That sounds to be really tasty one!! Let me try that for my tomorrow’s breakfast!
      SO far my best combination to go with baked bread is… simply + butter & honey, +butter & marmalade, +butter & maple sirup, + ham & mayonaise & chopped up cabbage! 😀


  2. We’re still getting tomatoes from our plants. And we’ve gotten so many cherry tomatoes! My wife and I absolutely love them–yesterday she fixed me thin bits of steak (cooked in soy sauce) mixed into rice with cherry tomatoes added in. It was delicious! Wish I could make the show–y’all have fun!


    • smells really good here… ! Just by reading your post, i couldn’t resist myself from imagining the sound and taste of cooked soy sauce together with juicey steak! yummy!!
      cherry tomatoes are always my favorite too! they are in my lunch box for almost everyday!!



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