new video’s チャリティーライブ@川口Cavallino

埼玉は川口にあるライブハウスCavallinoまで足を運んで下さったみなさん本当にありがとうございました。m(_ _)m Last night we had a live at a nice restaurant cafe in near by prefecture, Saitama – about an hour by train from middle of Tokyo. Thank you very much for your coming even it was a weird Saturday with sudden heavy rain.

企画のSanroppaさん、ボランティアスタッフとして来て下さったYukuさん、共演者の方々、素敵な歌声の店長さん(▼∀▼)v、そして来場して下さったみなさん!! 本当に心温まる素敵な – ほんわか – ライブでたのしい時を一緒に楽しめた事、心底嬉しく思っています!! This charity live was very heart warming one. There are many things that I want to talk about this night, but to start with, I’d like to share these videos shared by Yuku and Tink on Facebook. (‘cuz I know some of you guys are not using Facebook.)

新曲〜♪ New song!!

日本語の歌もうたいます(・∀・∩) I also can sing in Japanese lol


前回のblog なんの曲でしょうの答えです ( *´艸`) This is the answer from the last blog post of mine.

この他にも動画UPしてるので(珍しいZiZiのトークとか!笑)YouTube SAWAS PHOOLでCHECKしてみてやって下さい|´▽`)ノ♪
There are some more new vids on YouTube SAWAS PHOOL Channel  (If you wanna see Zizi speaking on stage, which is quite rare!?)!! please enjoy ♪♪♪

new video’s チャリティーライブ@川口Cavallino」への4件のフィードバック

  1. It was hilarious!!! My favorite is Elvis and Over the Rainbow.♡♡♡ Please please sing again!!! And please try “Moon River”. Be Audrey!!!!
    I hope we can meet soon. 7th May!?


    • oaky we will.. sometime again. 😉 I’m very happy you liked the select of those 2 songs!!
      I don’t dare wish to Be Audrey though ( she is too beautiful even just to pretend ;P ) but maybe I can try in my own way. ☆


      • やったー、やったー、もっかい唄って唄ってー!!★☆★
        You can learn the way Audrey did if you couldn’t pretend her.
        I can’t be Brigitte Bardot but I try. lol


      • あはは ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ よろこんで~♪::・’゚☆。.::・’゚★。.::・’゚☆。
        Sure! I think there are a lot we can learn from the attitude of their life 😉



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