My guitar is broken…

My guitar is broken after HK tour…

borrow ?
fix ?
will it come back in time??


だいぶ慣れて来た。毎日1コだけでも、小さくていい、happyを見つけて少しでも楽しみながら毎日を送ろうv(・∀・)v と思う。

got used to the life with saving electricity, some particular food is always missing in supermarket… but that’s okay.
I guess we are getting used to this new life little by little after 3.11. It doesn’t have to be a big one. Let’s keep trying, and find small happiness in each day.

My guitar is broken…」への8件のフィードバック

    • かわぃいよね~☆彡 携帯からブログを上げようと…昨夜、改めて決心 www
      だって、かわいぃ絵文字とか使えるんだもの( ̄_J ̄)v


  1. Just go onstage, set the offending guitar on fire, and claim that you’re channeling the spirit of Jimi Hendrix…just kidding! Surely one of your musician friends could lend you one for the show?


    • yap yap! I hoped if I could connect my spirit channel to Jimi-san, but I don’t think I can do that anywhere, anyway…. definitely they’re gonna kick me out from the place! lol right now, I’m asking zizi if he can fix it, and if Dr. Zizi couldn’t heal this patient this black mustang baby will be sent to the hospital for a while. and gonna borrow one from my friend 😉 In fact, I asked Zizi if he can lend me one of his guitar… and i just remember that all his guitars are broken too!!! this IS a crisis of SAWAS PHOOL!! We don’t have a proper guitar! not a one!!! オォォーーー!! w(゚ロ゚;w(゚ロ゚)w;゚ロ゚)w オォォーーー!!


  2. I think you should get it fix and borrow one iin case it doesn’t come back on time. So you will be on the safe side!
    Good luck!


    • I guess we really are living on the EDGE! lol
      Both Zizi and I don’t have the completely safe guitar right now!!! lololol
      I really appreciate the friendship of our musicians friends. 🙂 for letting us borrow in the case we might not have the one before the next rehearsal… this Sunday night.


  3. Too bad for your guitar…. Please don’t be sad ! Maybe there is a way to fix it !

    I keep on praying for you, and I hope you are fine !


    • I had a lot of fight between my mustang baby, i even kept him out in the balcony for a day or two because we were fighting. I must apologize to him for being so harsh in the past. I’ve been together with him for over 3 years and he is my first electric guitar I ever got it as my own 🙂 thanks for your wishes, Rena ☆



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