Avril Lavigne’s Power Up Liveで感じた事

I went ti Avril’s 必勝Power Up Live today.今日、My Spaceの応募で当選してAvrilのLIVEを見てきた。It was only 5 song show 3 new songs and 2 songs from million hit albums. SAWAS PHOOL’s live is usually 5 songs, and I felt its really short for people to watch. I really really felt thankful for those who comes to our 5 songs liveevery time. 今日、アブリルが歌ってくれたのはNew Albumからの3曲と、ミリオンヒットを出した過去のアルバムからの2曲。比べる様な対象にもならないかもしれないけど…SAWAS PHOOLのライブで私たちがプレイするのも同じ5曲。この短い時間の為に、いろんな所から人が私たちの曲を聞く為に、私たちに会う為に、足を運んでくれて貴重な時間を共に過ごしてくれてるんだって事を改めて実感した。

Thank you so much for your support from far and near , Jesters!!

見せるライブ。The show to entertain the listeners.
皆ともっともっと楽しめるようなライブ。The show that we can enjoy the very precious moment together.
プロ意識。 Professionalism on performance.
(もちろんめっちゃ楽しんで来たよ!!!(笑) 超可愛かったし、前に武道館で見た時よりもずっと大人の女性になってて、時の流れを感じた(笑)そりゃそうか (;´▽`A“)
Maybe it’s a little late for me to have consciousness on thoughts like this, but I learned a lot from todays premium live. (and of course, I enjoyed every single moment while Avril was on the stage! She was SUPER CUTE, and had grown up since last time I saw her stage at Budokan 4 or 5 years ago, I guess it was right after the album “Let Go” had sold millions).

不思議な(?)神主さんみたいな衣装の人が居て、絵馬にお願いをかけるエリアがあったんだ。で、こんな事を書いてみた。There was interesting at the venue today, and there was an area to hang the wishes written on the Ema (a HINOKI board to write wishes and usually hang it in Shrine -Shintoism-). So I wrote…

I wrote my wish : for victims, family, friends and people who are still waiting for help. and their happy life back again, as soon as possible. And … Success of 1st oversea tour of SAWAS PHOOL!

最後に、今回の応募に当選させてくれたMySpaceに謝謝!! 香港ツアーでの新曲がかっこ良く披露できる様に…今からギターの練習頑張りまーす!!!  Thanks MySpace JPN  for giving me such precious moment! Okay… I’m gonna start practicing my guitar part for the ROCKIN HK TOUR starting March 10th!!!

Avril Lavigne’s Power Up Liveで感じた事」への2件のフィードバック

  1. I like Avril Lavigne too, although I don’t listen to her music every day ^_^”
    I’m happy to see that looking at such artists is also very inspiring for you !
    I’m sure your HK Tour will be a success ! I’ll be with you with all my heart and soul !!! Gambatte SAWAS PHOOL !!!!! ❤


    • Thank you so much Rena!!! I rec’ed another demo last night … although I went to bed earlier than usual (I didn’t practice guitar last night ;P) because I wasn’t feeling well. But DUE date is coming soon… and we really want to finish up our DEMOs before this tour, GANBARIMAS!! sooo sorry i couldn’t rep’ to your comments recently. and merci for your understandings. with love -x- sawa




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