Good news!!!

the grand ma of I wish one of our Jesters Australia wad found in a shelter today!!! even though she was wounded, I was demeaned to hear her life was safe I hope a friend of Jester Japan will be found any soon… 昨日ブログに書かせてもらってたJestersオーストラリアのお祖母さんが、ニュージーランドのあるシェルターにいらっしゃることが分かりました!ひどく怪我をされているそうですが、生きていらっしゃった事が知れて本当に良かったです!! まだ身元確認がされていないJestersジャパンのご友人が一刻も早く見つかる事を願う(>_<) どうか、ご無事でいらっしゃいますように!!!

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    • it certainly was!!
      But I heard the rescue team had been sent back to Japan (and all the other countries) today, which means it seems like it is too difficult to find the ”alive” victims any more. This reality is crucial. very sad and sagging news… I can’t find a good words to tell.. to our Japanese Jester who’s having very sad moment right now… you know Tink(on facebook?)? that’s her….


      • Yes I can see who Tink is, although I never really spoke to her … I only know how motivated she is trough the facebook updates.
        It’s so sad for her … u_u



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