SAWAS PHOOL sticker coming soo n!

この写真は全く関係ありませんが SAWAS PHOOL original sticker is coming soon I finished it’s design data yesterday

SAWAS PHOOL sticker coming soo n!」への7件のフィードバック

  1. Wow ! Reminds me of a manga page, something like a gekiga ^_^”
    I love it ! It suits very well to SAWAS PHOOL, with your cute smile ^_^
    What does the text in it mean, please ?



    • How well you know about Japanese culture!!! ”GEKIGA” is not that common words to use in our daily life!!! I guess I didn’t know this word until my age of 15 or so.. even-tho- I was borne and held in Japan!! You must had word really hard on acquiring Japanese language and it’s culture, ne? GREAT JOB!!! In text I wrote, “SAWAS PHOOL original sticker design completed!!” and 「ニヤリ」=”Grin”
      sorry for my late rep. I hope you still could find and read my reply… sawa


      • Ho no, I don’t have that much culture ^_^” It’s just that I always had a lot of interest for Japan : the land, the history, the people, the music, the mangas, animes, food, video games, art, ect … I love all those aspects of the japanese culture since I’m a child, so I had time to learn all of this LOL

        No problem about the late response : I understand you don’t always have enought time to answer to everybody. It’s ok ^_^ Just don’t forget I support you !!!



      • How can i forget about you? I’ll never forget you’re there sending us your love and supportive heart toward Tokyo every moment!!! (or every day… yeah- maybe “day” is more realistic?!! I don’t want to bother you every “moment”! hehe (´ェ`;)))  Then please remember I’ll be always the place where you can reach and grab the newest info of Tokyo!! 😀 -x



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