New YouTube channel!

ついに新SAWAS PHOOL channel 解禁です!これは、香港ツアーが決定した夜 -Japan Rocks決勝戦-のステージの一部です♪
(ちなみに、新曲-Karma Wave-は明日!ね.+:。(^_<)〜☆!!)
Yeah!!! Here comes the new SAWAS PHOOL channel!!
This is part of the final stage of Japan Rocks which lead us to the 1st China Tour next month!!!

まだ Karma Waveをまだ聴いた事がない人は ぜひぜひ楽しみにしていてね!
For those who couldn’t come to the live house, and those who haven’t heard our newest song “Karma Wave” please keep your eyes on to the next up date of this NEW YouTube channel of SAWAS PHOOL!

本当にありがとうございます!!! こうして、皆とシェアできる事がとってもとっても嬉しいです!!!
Thank you very much for your long trip to Tokyo and hard+time taking edit works on this video, Nao-san.
We really appreciate your effort and love toward our band. And I am extremely happy today that finally we can share this with all the Jesters!!! Yeah!

New YouTube channel!」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Yay for the new Youtube Channel ! Yay for Nao san !!!! ^___^ YAAAAY FOR SAWAS PHOOL !!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing ! Long life to SAWAS PHOOL !!! ❤


    • OMG! I was completely forgetting to introduce the other videos.
      I’m sure many of you guys already knows… tho’ some might not know yet, so… ☆



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