毎年誕生日は我が侭に過ごす事にしてる。やりたい事をやる!去年はとにかく皆と一緒にいたくて、歌が歌っていたくてライブをした。大好きなハコ新宿MarzでROCK!!Every once a year, when my birthday comes, I’ll spend my day with the thing I really want to do on that day. I set my Brithday as the most selfish day of the year!! ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ♪Last year, because I wanted to Rock together with my friends and fans, I sang on the stage with SAWAS PHOOL members and families at one of my most favorite venue, Shinjuku Marz.今年は、新曲を作ってた。(そして夜には一曲カタチになったよ!\(^o^)/ヤッター!)And this year, I wanted to work on our new song…even it was having snowflakes; it’s quite rare to have snow in Tokyo, We worked on our new song, and finished up one of our new song by night! Yeah!!お母さんから、毎年恒例(?)の手作りケーキが2種類も今年は届いた!ファンや友達が私の絵を描いて送ってくれた!!大好きなチョコレートを秘密で送ってくれた友達もいた!I’ve got hand made chocolate browney and mixed-nuts tart sent by my mom who lives far, my friends sent a paint of me, and my favorite chocolate from the other side of the world!! and a special necklace with the name ,sawasphool on it and… and…a lot more!!! (*゚∇゚)♪

こんな風に毎年、我が侭に過ごす自分にあてられたたくさんのお祝いメッセージ。mixiにくれた人、facebookにくれた人、携帯にくれた人、PCメールにくれた人、Twitterにくれた人…(Facebookを使ってる人はもう見た?すんごいことになってた。+時差があるから、昨日までなんだかお誕生日気分を贅沢にも24+12時間も味わっちゃったかんじ(笑))全部が嬉しくて(昨日、「本当にクソマジメだな~!笑」ってFacebookで言われちゃったけど(*´∀`;))たぶん今日中にはメッセージにお返事することができると思う!☆To such selfish SAWA, her generous friends were kind enough to send her a Happy Birthday Message from Facebook, mixi, celphone, e-mails, Twitter…. etc(I guess if you’re using Facebook you know how the day was like! right?) I was too happy and because I couldn’t come up with any better idea, I decided to reply to every each message I got. Even one of my friend told me, “You don’t have to try to be too nice” lol. I guess I can write back to everyone by tonight. And thanks to you all, I feel like my birthday is still continuing (lol) since Feb 15 +24h+24h?? hahaha! How lucky I am!!!小さい頃からずっと夢だった。「世界中の人たちと友達になりたい」は、もしかしたら実現する(…もうしている?)のかもしれないと思った。あの頃はインターネットもなかったし、幼稚園児ながらも「世界はひろいんだょー?」って笑われてたけど、今なら「それで?」って返せる気がする!(笑)I had a dream since I was 5 or 6. I wanted to become friends with people all over the world. When I was reading throught all the messages I’ve got from many different places on earth, I thought… maybe my dream is becoming true(or at least getting closer to my dream?!). As yo know, about 20 years ago, there wasn’t broad internet web like today, and even my friends in kindergarden made fun of me, saying “Hey Sawa! Don’t you know this wolrd is BIG!” and laughted at me. Well… I think I can say “So what?” to them now. lol

そうだょ!世界は広いんだよ!!(笑) Why Can’t we be friends?
Yes! This world is big! And Why can’t we all be friends?

ちょっと勇気を出して、お互いの違いを受け入れ、それを楽しめたら最高だよね?難しい問題はいつもいっぱいあるけど、シンプルな共感は常に強くすぐ側にある。I hate war! If every each of us could become friends, and make friends all over the world.. wouldn’t it lessen the horrible sadness caused by tragic human action, such as war?? John Lennon said “War is Over”. It’s been a while since he said so… though, is it? really?? I guess we really need to end this up someday, any soon. I know there are millions of troubles, but at the same time, there are billions of chances for us to feel happiness together, I believe. It’s simple. Love the person right next to you. Let’s help each other and enjoy our life time together.

今年は、今まで以上に「共感」「思いやり」を大切に過ごしてみたいと思う。I will spend each precious moment of this new age of mine with the feeling of love and sympathy.


  1. You are so lucky girl!!!!
    All your fans, friends and family loves you. Could you feel that on your b-day??


    • Yes I am super LUCKY one! いつもどうやってお返ししていいのか考える〜いい曲つくろうって思う〜そしてまた考える〜みんなで楽しめる空間になるようなライブがしたいと思う〜そしてまた考える〜素敵な歌が歌える様になりたいと思う〜少しでも皆の毎日が楽しくなれるような〜辛いとき励みになるような〜死にたい,なんて思う人が1人でも少なくなるような〜そしてまた考える〜永遠に続く〜

      why NOT?!?!? もちろん!ビシバシ感じたょ!! ぜったい忘れないっ (>_<)というか、how can I forget!! もし忘れたら…I'm such an IDIOT!!!


      • 頭の中でぐるぐる考えてるのがよくわかったよ(笑)
        ONE THINGの歌詞はすごく前向きで好きだよー♬SAWA時代の曲だけどね。


      • ONE THINGね、自分が凹みすぎてて、落ちすぎてるときに優しく聞ける曲が欲しかった。(笑))


  2. Selfish? Sawa, you’re one of the most generous people I know! If the world had more people like you in it, maybe it wouldn’t really need people like me. They are beautiful sentiments, both yours and Lennon’s (yeah, I still cry every December)…But enjoy your day–you deserve to.


    • Yes I’m selfish. If the world had more people like me… it’s gonna be a huge chaos!! My brain is always wondering between reality and imagination. It’s too dangerous to have too many ME! f(+_+;) And we NEED you. We need many different type of people. And I wish everyone can remember the most fundamental moral of our life and be able to accept the differences that each of us contains. I admire your generocity, Dave. seriously!! BTW, did you know my birthday is the day of NIRVANA in Buddhism -it’s been said that Feb 15 is the day Budda passed away-?


  3. I’m happy you could feel at least a little bit of all our thoughts towards you with all the messages you received at your birthday ! I really hope you could feel it, and enjoy a great day ! ^_^

    I ony wish there were more people like you, who beleive in other people and the power of friendship. War shouldn’t exist anymore. No reason in the world is good enought to explain or justify a war.
    I would like to beleive the next generation won’t allow any war.

    Maybe we can do it ! I would like to beleive it so hard !!!

    I really don’t think that you’re a selfish person, Sawa san ! On the contrary : I know your heart is generous, strong and aware of other people’s feelings.

    Have a great day !


    • Hey Rena. IF there were more people like me, the world will be in a huge panic!! lol
      I’m very childish for my age sometimes, and I’m too old for my age sometimes lololol

      >Maybe we can do it ! I would like to believe it so hard !!!

      I know sometimes we need to be careful not to believe someone or something at the first sight.
      So I decided to take off the tinted lends and break off the first sight.
      And sometimes we need a courage to believe in something.
      So, I took the way to become BAKA(馬鹿) instead of KASHIKOI(賢い)。
      Because in many times, KASHIKOI will put me into the frame and won’t let me act in the natural way how I felt. 🙂


  4. 「我が侭」って通常ネガティブワードだけど、時と場合によってはポジティブになるのかも。。。誕生日って主役だし、「我が侭」なほうが周りが安心するかもね。(よしよし、楽しんでるな~的な。。。)lol




      写真右下のフルーツの乗ったケーキが、ものすごぉぉ~~~く おいしそうっ!!!


    • konoさん。
      ついにブログUPしたけど… 毎日はおろか、コメントをお返しするのも間々ならず…本当に申しなぃ (´;ェ;`)
      今日みたいに、時間が作れた 隙 を狙ってのお返事になりますが、今後ともどうか誤容赦くださいませ。




      私もたのしみです。今はとにかく突っ走る日が続いています。「女神様」…なんだか恐縮です(>_<;) 乱れ髪でも良いですか?(笑))



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