Jesters! ☆ジェスターズ

この絵ボツ?”Jack in the box”的な。ところで、なんでJackなんだろうか??
Why this drawing was turned down? And why you drew this with the image of “Jack in the Box”? Why Jack?!?I got a message as above yesterday, so I want to explain it today. In short, what would you think if SAWAS PHOOL‘s fans were named “Jesters”? 数日前、こんな質問メッセージをもらいました。もしかしたら、気になってる人が他にいるかもしれないので、今日はその理由をご紹介しまーす☆で、私からのお返し質問はこれ「SAWAS PHOOLのファンを『ジェスターズ(Jesters)』って呼ぶの…どう思う?」All this started with the conversation with one DJ.Evan “King Baby Duck” Bourgault in Boston(USA).I don’t remember what was the main subject, but somehow I received a message something like this...”What about calling your fans, Jesters?” I didn’t know the meaning of it so I looked up in the dictionary and also asked him for its meaning (just to make sure and double check if my understanding is correct). 全ての始まりは、アメリカ・ボストンのラジオEvan “King Baby Duck” Bourgaultとの会話からでした。もともと何の話をしていたのか覚えていないんだけど…ある日「ファンの事、ジェスターズって呼ぶのどう?」ってメールが来て。私は「ジェスターズ」って言葉を初めて聞いたので意味がよく分からず、辞書で調べてみました。

【jest·er (jstr) n.】
1. One given to jesting.
2. A fool or buffoon at medieval courts.

Okay! I remember what we were talking about!!
I told him the reason why I put the word “PHOOL(=remember it means flower in Hyndie)”after SAWAS(=plural form of SAWA). And this “PHOOL” will be pronouced as same as “fool” in English (later… I learned in Hyndie, “P” will be pronouced with silent plosive sound ;P, oh-well… bu this is NAME. Some exceptions can be accepted, right?). We like to do something funny and make jokes while we rehears or write music or… do whatever together. (please read this link to know 1 other reason of using the word →”PHOOL“) He really liked this idea with PHOOL and said,“…then what about calling your fans “Jesters” in stead of just calling them SAWAS PHOOL‘s fan&friends”そうだ!思い出した!!なんで「PHOOL(=ヒンズー語で花の意味)」て言葉をバンド名に入れたのかって話をしていて、英語読みで「フール」と読めなくないし、そしたらたぶんみんな「fool (=愚か者、おバカ、冗談)」の方をイメージするでしょ?で、2つの意味を併せ持つから言葉遊び。音騙し(笑)。ついで、「このバンドで一花咲かせたい」と「メンバーで集まるとバカ騒ぎするのが好きだから」って意味も含め…という話をしたら、「じゃ、ファン達の事を『SAWASPHOOLのファンや友達の皆さん』じゃなくて、いっそ『ジェスターズ』って呼ぶのどう?」、と、いう流れで出てきたこの言葉、『ジェスターズ』。Okay. That’s pretty much about explanation of “PHOOL“and “Jesters”.
And I put this Jester in the box to add some meaning of “surprise” and something coming out from this, Box-X-. So, what do you think of being called “Hey Jester!”?私の書いた絵の『ジェスター』が箱から飛び出してるのは、「ふたを開けるまで何が出てくるかわからない箱の中からびっくりさせるようなものを出したい」という希望から(笑)です。
p.s. BTW, SAWAS PHOOL‘s Birthday is April 1st! hihi!!(ちなみに、SAWAS PHOOLの誕生日は2009年4月1日だょー ( ̄∀ ̄*)イヒッ。

Jesters! ☆ジェスターズ」への11件のフィードバック

    • True!! nearly 3 years since you saw my first performance… and I started music seriously!!
      My Mom is getting anxious about my life ;P well… I won’t stop doing this until my age of…. I don’t know. Maybe I’m gonna keep my life like this until any big reason come down over me!! hahaヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


  1. I’m ok with being your Jester ^_^

    I’m already a Cieler (fans from L’Arc~en~Ciel), Hydeist (fans from HYDE), VAMPADDICT (fans from VAMPS), SLAVE (this is the name of the Luna Sea’s fans). Now, I can proudly say “I’m a Jester” !!! ^___^
    It’s a nice combination with the name of the band ! I like it ! I think you already talked about it when you still had your blog on Myspace, didn’t you ? Because it seems very familiar to me …

    That’s a nice surprise that SAWAS PHOOL’s birthday is the 1rst April !!! This is clearly meant to be the Jesters Day ! haha !

    Take care !


    • Welcome to Jesters!! lol I didn’t know about the name, Cieler, hydeist, Vampaddict, and slave. That’s cool!!!
      And we’re proud to be listed in one of those names you have!! (They are all very big name through out the world, ne!?) How cool!!! Thanks for telling me something new!! Yap! 2 more months until Jesters Day!! Yeah!


  2. wow! Thank you for answering my question. 🙂
    “Jester in the box” is good idea for SAWAS PHOOL’s character!!
    I remember you taught me the word “jester” last summer.
    By the way, do you think I can be a jester?? you know, I am your(everybody’s) TinkerBell.
    Tink is not a jester. ummmmm, I think Tink is a Jester! Lol
    Because her body language is cute and FUNNY!


    • It’s always my pleasure to answer your question, Kumi. 😉 Hey, what about Tink dressed like a Jester lol But Tink is a Tink.
      hm… maybe a fairy flying around Jesters and sprinkling the Tinkerbell’s sparkles so that all the Jesters can fly when they make a wish and think about something fun?!


      • I think Tink can wear anything, even Jester costume. But the costume has to be green one.
        Tink is gonna be a part of Jesters!! I would love to sprinkle pixie dust on SAWAS PHOOL and Jesters☆
        By the way, TinkerBell is a tinker. She can make anything you want!


      • I think so too! 😉 yes, the GREEN!! .+:。(^_<)〜☆ Yes, I know it! I saw Tink's story on DVD sometime ago.
        It was a good story to know how she met Peter Pan!


    • Pinheads?! Wow that’s new to me !! Thanks for sharing!!
      Jesters, not bad?! cool!!! Okay. From now on, you’re the member of Jesters! – Sawa



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