Message not displaying correctly? View… WHAT?!

It’s such a big regret how MySpace had changed into the way how it is today.
I agree it’s choice of each users to leave MySpace and move to Facebook, Twitter or what ever…
but WHY should I find so many messages from someone who doesn’t even have MySpace account anymore?SAWAの頃から使い続けてるMySpace。使いにくくなって暫く経ちますが…最近はこんな迷惑なメールが来てとても困っています(;-_-) =3 既にMySpaceアカウントを削除したユーザーから、外部アプリと連携させてMySpace以外のサイトからの勧誘(一斉送信メール)が後を経ちません。何でMySpaceユーザーでもないタダの一括送信メールをこんなにも受け取らなきゃならないわけ?外部サイトに登録してない人が受け取ったら、MySpace内では送り主を確認することもできない…まったく意味不明の仕組み。改善を求めようにも、以前のようにTomさんもOzzieさんもどっかに行っちゃったし…(誰か知ってたら教えて!!)
Where haveTom-san or Ozzie-san gone? Who can we ask questions now?? Maybe this is the part of free-sight. Almost every users are loving the past form of MySpace. Why they adapted so many FLASH effects? ま、フリーのサービスだから多くを望むなと言われればそれまでだけど、以前はインディーズ/アンダーグラウンドの強い味方だったはずのMySpaceも今じゃメジャーアーティストや業界の人ばかり…。どっかの誰かさん!以前のMySpaceに変わる何かを経ち上げてくれーーーっ!!! Grrrr…. “(`(エ)´)ノ彡☆

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  1. I can’t use it anymore…it really slows my computer and everything is annoying!!! I want original, they tried to make it so advanced…
    and i always get messages from non myspace accounts, because they made your myspace like an email, that you can receive email messages. myspace is big let down now…


    • True!! I totally agree you Alice!!!
      I guess most of the (former?) MySpace users want the before-advanced ver. back.
      However, there still are several people who give us messages through Myspace, we can’t close that account completely. I go there just to check the REAL messages among hundreds of forwarded messages from somewhere else… mostly reverb-nation. Yesterday, I found a new promotional tool kind of app on Artist account of MySpace and it was synced with reverb-nation which includes “pro” ver. that let users to pay some amount to use its service in full. Maybe … MySpace will be dominated by reverb-nation?!? (゚-゚;)オロオロ(;゚-゚) and Facebook is not common as MySpace in Japan yet … (sigh)


  2. MySpace has really gone down hilll Sawa. They have several unfixed security issues including their iPhone and Android apps that reveal secure private information.

    MySpace still hasn’t resolved the issues with spammers and bots flooding the messages and blogs. Plus the flash they use is making the website bloated and very slow to load on many computer systems.

    Your best bet in my opinion is to continue using services like this and your official website. Eventually you can include the WordPress features in to your official website along with Twitter & Facebook feeds.

    i still think you should use a database like MySQL to help automate features on your site >.>



  3. 私の個人のマイスペにも同じのがたくさんメッセで届いてます 面倒なので全部削除、削除・・・という感じ。

    マイスペの人気がこんなに落ちるとは思ってなかったです・・・一時期はすごいな~~~って思ってたから。 アーティストにはとっても良いサイトだなって思っていたから寂しいです。

    テクノロジーって便利になればなるほど不便なところも出てくる・・・ 人も目新しい物に移ったりするし。次から次へといろんなサイトが出てきて・・・難しいところですね


  4. I left Myspace too, because I really can’t deal with the new version. Maybe it’s modern, and I like modern, but I really don’t feel comfortable at all using it. Most of the former users do, I think we all have the same opinion about it.

    Therefor, I’m happy to have this blog and other ways (like Facebook) to stay connected with you somehow ^_^
    But on the other side, Myspace is the place I first met you and SAWAS PHOOL’s music, so it is still a bit special to me. Do you feel that way too ?



    • Yes. I do feel the same as you wrote, MySpace was the first place where I stand as a Musician and met people and learned about world and people through music.
      It’s very special place for me, too. I’m very happy that I’m still connected with people with alternative tool such as facebook, mixi and blog…etc. This could never happen if we both didn’t reach out to each other. There for, I’m very appreciated for your friendship and love every moment.

      hugs* Sawa


  5. Sawa, I’m just happy I found your blog! 🙂 I can’t make sense of the new myspace. There are a few people I’d like to get ahold of. : ( Speaking of myspace, did you ever get in touch with Audrey Kimura? Or did that even interest you? I’m going to Japan Nite in Chicago in March!!! If Sawa was playing I would take you to the best restaurant in Chicago! : ) And then to the gym to lift weights!!!! Yep, I know how to have a good time….


    • Hi Joe! Thank you very much for finding me here!! I did sent message to Audrey Kimura-san, and we connected in several places (as far as I know, facebook, twitter, and one another.. but I can’t remember the name of the site now ;P) Although, I’ve never got a message back from her. As you told me before, she is the organizer of Japan Night and… seems to be a very busy person. I wish we could stand on the stage of SXSW this year, but it seems like not happening this year again. 😦 Oh, well… we’ve got China Tour!! Good step forward! First tour over seas!!! The land of the states is waiting for us! Better keep moving on!! If you had a chance to talk to Audrey-san, please tell her our best regards. We’re dying to go perform in the States!!! hugs*** Sawa


  6. The sad truth, Sawa, is that I’m not that computer-savvy to begin with, and I just can’t figure out how to use the new Myspace. And so far I’ve refused to have a facebook account because of the privacy issues I’ve read about. I guess I should go on and close my Myspace account, if only I can…



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