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2007年発売のゲーム「すばらしきこのせかい」のサウンドトラックで作詞/歌唱デビューを果たす。同年、SAWAとしてソロでの活動を始め、翌年には上記サウンドトラックのプロジェクトで出会った石元氏と同名SAWAとして、ユニット活動をスタート。2008年末にアルバム「333」を発表し、2009年からバンド活動を始めるが約1年で解散。2009年の夏にオンラインのみで発売されたミニ・アルバム「Figure and Shadow」がバンド、SAWAとして最後の作品となった。2010年4月、バンドSAWAのギタリストZiZiと新たなバンド、SAWAS PHOOLを組み、音楽活動を再開。

●ソロ名義 – Nadia – 所属事務所 株式会社F.M.F
●バンド :http://sawasphool.com

SAWA made her debuted as a singer and songwriter in the sound track of the game,
“The World Ends with You” (2007) and started her original band with the band name, SAWA on the same year. On the year 2010, the new band SAWAS PHOOL start taking action on April and by the end of this year. Starting from 2011,  she start working as a lyricist with the new name of her, Nadia.

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  1. And we can’t wait to see what heights Nadia reaches as a songwriter! You know we love you, Sawa, in all your incarnations! But no matter how successful you become as a writer, I’ll always be entranced by your voice. It has an expressiveness rare in singers these days. Thanks for the update, but don’t forget to credit yourself as a visual artist, too. You’re drawings and paintings are great. (Btw, did you actually make the butterflies? They’re so beautiful!)

    Hope you feel better, Dave


    • Thanks Dave! 🙂 The butterflies were actually brushe image (photoshop tool) that I used. colors and the placements are my original though… 😉 I’ll keep trying to be as creative as I can!!! Hope you enjoy my further creation in whatever format!! ☆




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