As a result, muscle-ache remained…
I'm alive!
これは腕立てか? というような。 ま、でも本人は顔を真っ赤にしてプルプルしながら頑張っているので肩こり殿…どうかご容赦を(笑))My shoulder and neck muscle are always stiff by the end of the day, sometime my right shoulder gets numb for it’s hevy stiffness. Several people advised me that maybe I lack in muscles by seeing my bony/too skinney arms. So I start doing push-ups everynight but I can hardly do it for 10 times. … ( ̄(エ) ̄;) My face gets red, and my arm starts to shake by the time when I try to push-up myself for the 4th time.

And today, 3 days had passed, I guess my stiff shoulder/neck conditions are getting a bit better!! I didn’t have the pain+numbness last night. But instead, I’m having a muscle aches. lololol But thsi pain is so much better than the stiff and heavy shoulder/neck -haha-!!
(bluecheese?)Calorie Mate
今朝、ずいぶん前に開封したカロリーメイト(チーズ味)の残りを食べたら…なんだかブルーチーズ味に?! 気のせいだろうか… (とりあえず、そーいぅ事にしておこう ...ΦwΦ;)Ψ)。「ご注意:開封後は早くお召し上がりください。」 By the way, I ate an energy bar called “Calorie Mate” this morning. It was a left over from… couples of tdays ago, and it was cheese flavor. Yes, cheese flavore should taste like a fress cheder cheeze, but the one I had this morning tasted like a blue cheese. I should have follow the Description on the back of the box it said, “Consommer rapidement apres ouverture (Best served soon, after opening the package)” (;-_-) =3

It’s okay. I’m still alive!! lol


  1. The taste evolved LOL Do you like blue cheese ? LOL I’m happy to know you’re still alive after this ^___^

    When I was little, I wanted to have strong arms, like many of my favourite characters (Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, Ken from Hokuto no Ken, Ryo from City Hunter ect …), so I was training too and making push up too ^_^
    Then, when I was 14 years old, I was working a bit in the summer, in the tabaco fields, and this gave me strong arms too !

    Someday, I’ll be Superwoman !!!! Hahaha LOL

    Take care !


    • I knew you are a strong women, mentally, but physically as well?! I admire you, Rena.
      I wanna be strong, too!! Probably I am… I survived from the blue cheese taste!! lol


  2. There’s no reason to push yourself, Sawa. 10 times is fine–you only want to stretch those muscles enough to loosen the others to which they are attached. Working your arms will loosen the shoulders and neck. As you continue to do this, the aches in your arms will also fade as those muscles become accustomed to the routine. Such light but repetitive exercise can strengthen and maintain your arm muscles without “bulking up” your arms. You’ll also notice added strength in your wrists and grip…


    • Thanks for telling me its method! Never knew about this work out from methodical angle. PLUS I wasn’t doing it during this weekend! (gonna start it right after eating breakfast today!! I woke up in 3:30 am this morning!!! lol because I went to bed before 11:00 pm last night ;P) I guess my coffee is ready now. thanks for your comment Dave!



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