珍?お菓子…sweets & snacks☆

I should have wrote this blog last night… oh well.. friday night… my bed time came a little too quick than I was expecting… ;P 昨日、お菓子ブログを書いてから寝ようと思ってたのに… 寝オチしてしまった(´・ω・`)=3

で、 “OMOSHIROI KOIBITO” was a souvenir from OSAKA. It’s a parody of “SHIROI KOIBITO” which is popular sweets from HOKKAIDO (North island of Japan) and maybe you guys know “OMOSHIROI” means “funny” in Japanese .+:。(^_<)〜☆ It’s taste was a little weird too, sweet soy-sauce flavored cream inside.. hm…. I hope you can imagine how it taste like!! 日本人の皆さんはご存知、「白い恋人」のパロディです(笑) 大阪のお土産で頂きました☆ゴーフルの中のクリームがなんと…「みたらし味」(笑)どこまでもやってくれます!大阪!! お醤油の香りただようあまぁ〜いクリーム…恐る恐る食べたけど(笑)結構イケてるお味ですっ!(。・`ω・)b This Chocolate on the left is the Yuzu(Japanese citron)+Pepper(KOSHOU) taste chocolate snack. It says Pepper all the time when they use the “Yuzu-Koshou” flavor, but it’s actually using red HOT pepper… and since I haven’t tried this one yet, don’t know how it’s gonna taste like… hm.. very interesting!!!! こちら珍しい柚胡椒味のKitKat。まだ食べてません。どんな味なのか…ドキドキ☆ 柚胡椒って、実は胡椒じゃなく唐辛子テイストでピリリと辛いお味になっているの…知ってました? On the right side, this is one of my most favorite chocolate from America!! Peppermint Bark!! I met this in 2009, and this winter again I asked my friend to send me one since I liked it too much!!! I shared it with my friends and family here. This is the BEST! (This chocolate is sold only in limited period of time. Only during winter!! I can’t wait for the next winter!! yeah!) そして、右側が2009年にアメリカの友人が贈ってくれた時に出会った最強にオイシイチョコレート!アメリカのチョコの中で一番好きかも!!! 季節限定らしく、おかげで毎年冬の楽しみがヒトツ増えちゃいました(笑) ( *´艸`)♪ And here’s another one from the land of the States, KISS designed「m&m」! Isn’t this cool?! I got this long time ago and I just can’t eat it. (I’m afraid maybe my friend will get mad at me, because I haven’t eaten it at all..) I kept this in freezer, and take out sometimes tried to eat it for several times… but I still can’t. It’s too precious! cool!! to eat and let this cool design melt in my mouth!!! そして、こちらもアメリカから。KISSのメンバーの顔が描かれた「m&m」です。 もったいなくて食べられませんー(ノд<。)!! ずっと冷凍庫に入ってるの(←バカ!笑)だって、なんか…ねぇ。もったいなさ過ぎるよねぇ…カッコ良過ぎるよねぇ?!!!! おまけ☆(笑) ZiZiのご実家で作られているケーキのお裾分けを頂きましたm(_ _)m ZiZi family どうもありがとう!!!「 牛乳プリンケーキ」もう既に、結構はハマっちゃってます!! This is the cake ZiZi gave me. His family runs cake factory as such… and I got one 🙂 It’s sold everywhere around Japan! SUGOI—!!! .+:。ヽ(*’0’*)ツ

まぁこんな感じでお菓子大好き♪ I LOVE SWEETS and SNACKS!!! And these are part of the rare one’s I got from everywhere around! Thank you so much for sharing!!! みんなありがとう!お菓子さんたち、ゴチになりますっ!! I’ll bring some cool stuff when we’re on the world tour someday!!! v(・∀・)v

-x Sawa

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  1. I like m&m and KISS version is really cool!!!!
    Do you know m&m has official Twitter account?? Green and Red are tweeting each other sometimes. I’m following them☆

    牛乳プリンケーキおいしそう・・・。I didn’t know this cake and also this cake is pretty famous in Japan. wow!



    • NOooow! I didn’t know that!! Red and Green M&M’s are tweeting?!!? sounds like fun!! .+:。ヽ(*’0’*)ツ
      牛乳プリンケーキおいしゅぅございましたm(_ _)m お菓子は休日の朝ご飯がベストです!(←とってもだらけたゆっくり〜な午前の時間を過ごすハメになるでしょう…っw)ψ(`∀´)ψ


  2. Thank you for sharing !
    I like the KISS m&m : they’re so original and cute ^_^
    The cake is really a nice little present : I’m sure it tastes good !


    • It was sweet but pretty good for the breakfast. I like to have a coffee and something sweet for the breakfast ☆ hihi


      • The only thing I really need or breakfast is coffee *___* I’m addicted to coffee *___* In the morning, before going to work, I’m never hungry. But I have to eat something, or I won’t last long at work lol
        I like to eat croissant, or Nutella (do you know Nutella ?) on bread. But recently I like to eat bread with butter and honey on it ^_^


      • All oft hose are my favorite too!! Yes! I do have Nutela too(^-^)/ and… butter+honey is always the best!! ☆ i bet croissant there is super good!


  3. 「面白い恋人」爆笑っ!!!


    いろんな意味でおいしそう。lol ※下品な発言があったことをお詫び致します。m(__)m


    • (≧∇≦)アハハハ! 下品じゃないですよ〜。ケーキ屋さんというか…お菓子屋さんと言った方が正しい様な気がします(^_^;)

      あぁ、貧乏性の自分がなさけない(笑) 「面白い恋人」はたぶん私も見かけたら買ってしまっています、ね(o´艸`)。+゚☆


  4. Sawa, you haven’t eaten the Kiss M&Ms 🙂 That’s funny. Your friend would never get mad at you, no matter what fate awaits the M&Ms 🙂 So you like that Peppermint Bark chocolate eh???? “) You know in the south they deep fry snickers chocolate bars! I don’t think one of those would withstand a trip to Japan though…..


    • Oh my lovely friend is so generous even tho I keep this precious Kiss M&M chocolate until it became a chocolate fossil and might become a legendary chocolate by my grand grand children. (;P joking… ) Anyway, I still haven’t eaten it today YET! I still wanna keep it like it. (´m`)★
      YES! Peppermint Bark chocolate is my most favorite!!!
      But Nope. never heard about “deep fry snickers chocolate bars”!!
      What is that!! I’m definitely trying it when I’m in the south! Are they sold in local supermarket? or… only at the stalls at the fairs or festivals??? INTERESTING!!!!


    • I wonder why didn’t made KISS ver. of “kiss chocolate” with the special KISS paper warped around each tinny chocolates!! ( *´艸`)☆
      Maybe KISS members like M&M than Kiss -Chocolate?! fufufu–




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